Production Specialist

Production Specialist

Essential Functions

A Production Specialist is involved with the planning, coordination, evaluation, and control of the manufacturing processes. They ensure that 509 internal systems are complete, accurate, and up to date, and insure our factory partners are producing the right Goods at the correct time, cost, and quality that is compliant to the 509 standards.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Production Specialist will be communicating with factories daily to obtain updated and current information from our Factory partners, and feed this information into our Netsuite system so that entire organization has visibility.
  • Disseminate this information to 509 Team in a digestible way, building and maintaining Work In Progress (WIP) reports, and Production Status tool.
  • Streamline and improve our efficiency in production and logistics, following up with factory for necessary Shipping Documents like Invoice, Pack List
  • Reconcile, and Verify our internal  system information, and the factories information.  Work with development team if pricing is different, or delivery dates are different.
  • Build and maintain a Production Status tool that tracks production from Factory door, to 509 warehouse door.
  • Work with PLM for guidance on negotiating and improving ship dates, surcharge costs, and factory fees.
  • Manage Vendor information and updated terms and MOQ in Centric PLM Software
  • Deliver on time, accurately.  When this is not achievable, clearly communicate and update the 509 team with proposed solution, discuss with team, and execute change.
  • Review quality, and product meeting the specification, if any failures, evaluate, and resolve issues with factory, materials suppliers, or responsible parties.
  • Develop Factory scorecard and improvements that need to occur to keep them competitive, and a good partner with 509.
  • Research and assist in evaluation of future production suppliers


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • Proven ability to work independently in a fast-paced environment, meet deadlines and adapt to change
  • Knowledge and understanding of Shipping, Logistics, and production.
  • Skilled at Word, Excel and a strong knowledge of spreadsheet functions

Communication/Interpersonal Skills

  • Excellent written and oral communication.
  • Ability to work in a team environment or independently

Key Measureables

  • Execute and deliver to market product line plans that hit financial targets
  • Maintain margin & revenue goals at category levels as defined
  • Drive and lead all key milestone for the product lifecycle

Working Conditions/Physical Effort

Responsibilities may require working evenings and weekends, sometimes with little advanced notice.

Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Inside work with no exposure to weather conditions.